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I like Skwovet but I don’t know if it's good, if you can help that would be great. Thanks

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In-game teams are supposed to be whatever Pokemon makes YOU happy on your journey. I recommend trying it to see if you find it fun.

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Greedent is decidedly meh. Its Speed is an abysmal 20, and its Special Defense is merely okay at 75. However, its HP, Attack, and Defense are all very good, which makes it a solid Pokemon to counter Physical attackers.

It learns a variety of moves, including the elemental fangs (Ice Fang, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang), and Psychic Fangs, which is a nice way to counter Greedent's sole weakness of Fighting.

However, Greedent is extraordinarily slow, which is bad. It allows your opponent to fire off an attack, potentially KO'ing Greedent. Sure, you could just heal Greedent, but it's a waste of resources and time to do that.

If you want a slow Normal Pokemon, I would personally opt for Snorlax over Greedent. Snorlax's HP is even better than Greedent's, which evens out its slightly worse Defense and Special Defense. It's also a little bit faster, which can mean the difference sometimes.

TL;DR, Greedent can be good, but I prefer Snorlax instead. Greedent is by no means bad, but I think it's better as a stand-in until Snorlax is available.

Hope I helped!

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