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i was just wondering if you use transfrom will it give your Pokemon the stats of the Pokemon it turned into


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Copies targets stats, moves, types, and ability.

^ Desc. from Pokemon Showdown! of Transform.

Also, that is why some people put Choice Scarves on their dittos so it can outspeed.

Source: https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/teambuilder

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Thanks, I thought that was what happens but I wasn't one hundred percent about it
no problem, i was always confused about transform too.
Additionally, all stat changes are also copied.
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Generation I
Transform changes the user's current type, current stats, current stat modifications, current moves, current species, and current cry to that of the target's.

Transform does not copy the target's status conditions, level, current or maximum HP, base experience, or the generic Minimize image. If a transformed Pokémon takes damage from a critical hit, its original stats will be used rather than its stats after Transform. The probability of a transformed Pokémon scoring a critical hit is based on the original Pokémon's base Speed, not the base Speed of the Pokémon it transformed into.

Generation IV
As in previous generations, a transformed Pokémon retains its original species for determining if it is boosted by Pokémon-specific stat-enhancing items, with the exception of Metal Powder and Quick Powder, which use the target's species.

I'm pretty sure all these mechanics apply to all later generations (5 to 8), except base speed isn't used to determine critical hit chances anymore.