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Please help. I've been in every room and fought every grunt. I got the passwords. He says look around the mansion before he let's me in but I swear I've interacted with everything. Please help me progress.

Ultra Moon

Did you interact with all three note pages with the passwords around the house?
i did, three times >~<
Did you say "No!" to the guy that asks for the passwords at the end?
In Sun/Moon you have to answer “No!” when asked if you are sure about your previous answers by the grunt, but I’m not sure if it is the same in Ultra Sun/Moon.
@jadegroups, i just tried and it worked. if you post it as an answer ill BA you :3 thanks
mega x blade, i didnt until now. im dumb lol thanks
Should i post that as an answer?
yeah sure! thanks
Ah! I didn’t see MegaBlade’s comment when I typed mine! Sorry!

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Looks like you just didn't say "No!" at the end. Do that, it should work.

Source: I've played Ultra Sun more times than is healthy.

Hope I helped!

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