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So, at the shady house, one of the grunts states that guzma never got a Z ring.
another grunt says "guzma's had us searching far and wide for every last scrap of bugginium Z to make him the best bug-type trainer around".
What's the point? A Z-crystal is absolutely useless without a ring.
also, is his name pronounced Guz-ma or Gooz-ma?

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By collecting all the Buginium Z in Alola, him and his Golisopod would be the strongest because no one else could use Bug Type Z-Power, making him the strongest Bug Type Trainer in Alola. Because no one wasted time training Wimpod but him.
Because Guzma is looking for a Buginium Z, and he doesn't have a Z-Ring, I think that it's okay to assume that he's also looking for a Z-Ring.

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As Mega_Septile said, he is most likely also looking for a Z-ring to go with his Z-crystal. If not though, he could possibly be collecting all pieces of the Buginium Z so no one else could use it, thus making him a more powerful Bug-type user. (Oh, and Guzma is pronounced GOOZ-ma.) Hope I helped!

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well GOOZ-MA (Having trouble getting used to that) supposedly doesn't have a Z-ring as a HANDICAP because, in the words of the shady house's grunt, "he was already such a powerful trainer, yo, ya gettit?". (something like that.) I'll upvote since making buginium unavailable would make sense.
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