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i really like unown

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Why? I think they can only be usefull to write your name

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Sorry Hex, but without any other move besides Hidden Power, Unown is never going to get anywhere. There's not really much more I can add; the answer is as bland and disappointing as the Pokemon itself. It has average stats and one attack.

The best you'll get is Hidden Power (Psychic) and a choice Specs, and that's still not good, as Steel-types, Dark-types, and other Psychic-types wall you.

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He only gets he move hidden power, which almost every other pokemon can learn. I guess the best you could do would be to give him a choice item since Hidden Power is his only move, but most other pokemon could easily outclass him and his base 72 special attack (max is a measly 267)

His speed is nothing to brag about either, a base 48, peaking at 214. All things said, he's a terrible gimmick pokemon.

The only good thing he has is the ability levitate, and even that won't do him any good since he has nothing else to work with. For the record, he is useful for EV training, since he's easy to find and gives off an attack and special attack EV (great for mixed sweepers.) But even getting those EVS has a better way.

He's really got nothing going on. Not for battle, not for breeding, not for ingame (all you get for catching them all is a piece of paper, a bunch of wasted pokeballs, and a box full of useless pokemon.), not for anything.

Sorry to say it, but this guy is among the worst pokemon.

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I wouldn't even use the word " ALMOST " .
EV training is pretty useful for mixed sweepers. That's why I said almost.
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get to level 100 and it shall be able to beat a gym leader for shaw then!

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