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I can’t decided whether or not to put espeon or umbreon in my team which is ampharos, lapras, growlithe(might swap out for tyranintar once mt.silver is unlocked),evee, crobat, and haunter

I have already beat the johto gym leaders and I am about to face off the kimono girls in euctreaka city.

I understand that haunter and crobat have a poison overlap and I might swap out haunter for the eveelution, then grab tyarnitar and keep growlithe then get it to be a arcanaine.

thank you for the help.


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I would use Espeon, personally. It has better offensive stats, which, for me, is better for a Pokemon used in game. Also, if you keep Haunter, Dark and Ghost hit the same types super effectively. I will say, Umbreon does have a slight advantage in being able to hit the Kimono Girl's Espeon super effectively, but thats about it. I'll go over how well Espeon and Umbreon work with your team, I will say I don't know a lot about HGSS so I'll go over everything.


-Covers Lapras's weakness to Fighting with its STAB.

-Covers Tyranitar's weakness to Fighting with its STAB.

-Covers Haunter's weakness to Ghost with Shadow Ball (though its also weak to Ghost type moves).

-Covers Ampharos's Ground weakness with Grass Knot.

-Arcanine can hit steel types with a STAB Fire move.

-Arcanine also can KO Bug types with a STAB fire move.

-Tyranitar can hit Bug types with a STAB rock move.


-Covers Tyranitar and Lapras's weakness to Fighting with Psychic.

-Covers Haunter's weakness to Psychic and Ghost with STAB.

-Arcanine can hit Steel types with its STAB, as well as Bug types.

-Tyranitar can hit Bug types with its STAB.

So, I would personally opt for Espeon, but either works, really.

Hope this helps! :)

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I would say use Espeon over Umbreon. Espeon is generally a bit more offensively-inclined, which is better for ingame purposes. Choosing Umbreon will overlap the Dark type with Tyranitar, and type overlap isn't generally a good thing.

Espeon nicely counters most of Bruno's and Janine's teams, and doesn't have a type overlap with any of your other team members. It can also aid in the fight against Red, as its Psychic moves can take down his Venusaur.

So overall, I believe Espeon is a better choice than Umbreon, as it won't overlap with any of your other Pokemon, it's more offensive. It can fight well against a few major Trainers, those being Bruno, Janine, and, to an extent, Red.

Hope I helped!

oof i was sniped
Yeah, sorry
Thank you so much I went with espeon and I also got umbreon by accidentally getting an evee egg cause I had a ditto that I forgot about in my daycare.