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What are the pros and cons of both pokémon, and which is more reliable in a playthrough? (I have access to trading).


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-Brilliant Special Attack and Speed
-Solid Special Defense
-Coverage against Dark type weakness (Signal Beam)
-Priority in the form of Quick Attack
-Gets Shadow Ball

-Mediocre HP and Defense
-Learns good moves late
-Friendship evolutions are a pain


-Spectacular Special Attack and Speed
- Solid Special Defense
-Can cover Dark type weakness (Signal Beam/Focus Blast)
Can use Shadow Ball and Focus Blast

-Can't take physical hits well at all
-Level up movepool is just Normal and Psychic moves

Either works well for an ingame playthrough. Hope I helped!

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Thanks, I'll just stick with Alakazam.
Sounds like a good choice.
What's the point of writing stuff like "solid special defense" if it's true for both Pokemon? It doesn't help the asker make a choice.
Because it's still a pro even if something else has it?
If you really want to list all the pros, you might as well say stuff like "exists in the game's code", "can learn STAB moves", "does not appear to be a glitch", "can be legitimately obtained before defeating Lance", "usually takes less than 3 hours to catch", and "can evolve before level 60".
Seeing as you're usually the one to get so technical, I'll leave those things to you.
It's a "pro" for both Pokemon that they have good SpA, SpD and Spe, but the point is mentioning that doesn't help you decide between the two. There is no point comparing two Pokemon in areas where they don't really differ.
I think the best approach to issues like this is to list all the things that option A has over option B and vice versa, then make a recommendation based on what the asker is trying to achieve.
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Abra is found earlier and at a higher level. Alakazam is easier to evolve, has slightly higher special attack, can learn focus blast, and learns calm mind and psychic earlier. It seems pretty obvious that Alakazam is better.