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When I was playing Emerald back in grade school, I'm 100% sure that my Blaziken learned the move 'Blaze Punch' and right after levelling up more, it learned 'Blaze Kick'. Is this some kind of bug? I don't have that save file anymore, so please tell me if that ever occurred to you also.

This is not the sort of thing that would be caused by a 'bug' or 'glitch'. The only way you're going to see 'Blaze Punch' in your game, on purpose or accidentally, is if it's written into a string within the game's source files. No such thing has been documented, and Gen 3 games have been so extensively datamined that there is no way you've discovered something new.
Could you be thinking of fire punch? That is a move that Blaziken learns and has a similarity to blaze punch

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There is no move that is called 'blaze punch'. Only 'blaze kick'. Even if you search it on google, or any Pokemon site, only fire punch shows up. Blaziken does learn it but you need a heart scale. Upon evolving at level thirty six, Blaziken learns blaze kick

Source: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/blaziken/moves/3