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I though this was asked before but can't find it. Which ones better overall? just saying I'm not a fan of no guard dyanmic punch

What format?
Which game? It is being used in competitive battles?
Depends on which when better. I play showdown. If machamp then UU. If Conkeldurr then OU

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In Gen 8, Conkeldurr is generally preferred for its higher Atk, HP, and Def. Machamp does have better speed (55 vs 45), but it’s still so slow that you’re not going to be outspeeding anything outside of Trick Room, and if you are using TR, Conk’s lower speed is better. Machamp’s main novelties are its Gigantamax form and No Guard + DPunch, the first of which is worse than its non-GMax counterpart, and the second of which is worse than Guts + Flame Orb (at which point, you should be using Guts Conkeldurr instead for its higher Atk). Conkeldurr also has Iron Fist, if you don’t want the downsides of Flame Orb, while Machamp is stuck with just Guts if you want an Atk-boosting ability.

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Both are good answers. Which one do I pick. At least I Kno to use Conkeldurr
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Conkeldurr does everything Machamp does with Guts but with higher attack. Conkeldurr also has STAB priority in Mach Punch, which is much better than Bullet Punch. 45 Speed may discourage you from using it, but if you invest a lot of EVs into Speed and use a Jolly Nature, you'll be out-speeding most of the things you want to outspeed. Conkeldurr also gets recovery in Drain Punch, unlike Machamp, which can help stay longer on the field. No Guard moves are overall weaker than Guts boosted attacks most of the time, so the only reason to use No Guard is to use Dynamic Punch (and to not take constant burn damage). Conkeldurr is more reliable and stronger than Machamp.

Hope this helped!

No guard also helps with stone edge if you are using it for coverage