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I was wondering about this because only today did I realize that it looked super creepy. I may remeber someone saying something about rose sucking out its power? Is that true? Sorry if this was revealed in the main story I haven't played swsh.


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From what I've seen, Eternatus is supposed to look like a dragon like alien, or even a deceased dragon.

I believe the first one was the intended design, since Eternatus came from a meteorite. Since meteorites are from space, Eternatus is technically an alien, explaining its "creepy" features.

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Look at its hands they are like finger bones tho. That does make more sense though. Thanks!
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In the back of the room in the energy plant where you fight Rose, there is a dark blue egg/meteor that appears to be what Eternatus hatched from. There is a cable attached to the egg and all around it are tall things (generators?) Filled with yellow energy. It seems as though Galar had been using said egg as an energy source for a while, and that may be an explanation for it's skeletal appearance.

Another explanation could be just because it's a weird Dragon from space. There have been plenty of weird looking Pokemon originating from space.

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