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Why are dragon type and ghost type moves super effective against their own type? Is it game freak logic?


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Well in a lot of different tales, dragons tend to be resistant to other things outside of the damage that can be inflicted by their own kind. As for ghosts, they are tied to the earth and cannot move on becoming a twisted form of their former self. Becoming their own worst nightmare. These are my thoughts on it. I do not know for certain, it could have been for balance reasons to start off though.

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It's because of the idea that the only thing that can beat a dragon is a dragon. Imagine Jurassic World when the Indominus Rex (a really strong dino*) is about to eat the protagonists. They let a T-Rex and Velociraptors loose to battle it. Then the Mosasaurus eats it. For Ghost it is almost the same; only a ghost can touch a ghost.

*Which is practically a dragon without wings. (Tyrantrum looking at you)

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Ghost Type
Perhaps is because the cannot target Normal types, and have an impression to attack themselves? Based on Pokemon Sheild, Allister described when he sends out G-Max Gengar, he mentions his loneliness
Dragon Type
Most Legendaries are dragon types, and based on the Hoopa movie, the Legendaries are always constantly fighting each other, also, based on the anime Fairy Tail, the protagonist had powers called Dragon Slayer Magic, which were used in ancient times in the anime to defeat other Dragons going berserk.

This makes no sense, I've hoped I've helped!