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So my friend and I were testing out what nicknames would be blocked in X/Y. We tested out a particular crude word (I'm not gonna say it but it rhymes with snore) we're gonna call it W, W itself didn't work but we decided to do W-lax and it surprisingly worked. My main question is why wasn't it blocked? many other people here have had very obscure curse words (for example King land) and have been blocked, so why wasn't this one?


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Because of lax
Perhaps just because you put -lax at the end of the nickname, and so the algorithm didn't recognize the curse.

may be true but i doubt it, plenty of pokemon with words "embedded" like this are blocked as well.

eg. ho-oh
I can't think of any other explanation unfortunately
i highly doubt this iwll work, but uh..
ill test it out and get back with hard evidence