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I checked the d-base and it says that Galarian Slowbro's only ability is Quick Draw. This Galarian Slowbro is completely legit and I know bc I evolved it myself. Pls help.

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Unfortunately, the Slowbro page on this site is incorrect, as Galarian Slowbro can have Own Tempo.


Hope this helps! :)

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X, y, are either of you going to report this error under meta?
Thank you soooo much! I can't express my gratitude enough both of you! I wish I could select both your answers as the best!
@Ty: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/meta/55591/report-minor-site-errors-here?show=72190#a72190

@Espeon_Umbreon, if you liked the answer, click the green checkmark at the top. No problem! :)
Already did!
Yeah, I reported that issue
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The DB has an error -- Galarian Slowbro can in fact have Own Tempo as an Ability.


Hope I helped!

X, y, are either of you going to report this error under meta?
I was under the assumption that someone already did. If Y doesn't, I'm more than happy to.
lol i was asking just in case, if neither of you guys want to i could, although i haven't checked if it's been reported or not yet
Seems it's already been reported, actually.
valid okay lol. I hope it gets fixed soon
Me too. Thanks for letting me know anyways!