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I want either a Physical Sweeper or a Tank

Gyarados is a good physical sweeper. AV Ferrothorn is a good tank.

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The Pokémon I would use to back up Cursola is Dusknoir. Firstly, while Dusknoir is mostly used as a Wall, it also has the stats to be a Tank, which is why I chose it over Dusclops. Now, onto the reason I chose Dusknoir. The only way to help Cursola Sweep is Why Trick Room. Now, going through the list of Trick Room users, Dusknoir caught my eye because of its low Speed, decent movepool and ability to be a Tank. Also, it being a Physical Tank, it can cover any Special Walls. Even though it shares the same typing, I believe it is worth it. Let me know if you want a set. Hope I helped!

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Because they're the same type, Porygon2 is probably a better TR user. Or Bronzong.
Bronzong is usually a Special or Physical Wall, so that is out.  Porygon2 is usually the same, but I can see using it.  I chose Dusknoir over it though because of its ability on the Physical Spectrum which is what they wanted.  A Physical Wall or Tank.  While Bronzong can be Physical, it is still weak to Ghost and Dark like Cursola, so I considered Dusknoir better.
What's the difference between a wall and a tank? Isn't the point that he wants them to be able to take physical hits? Because Porygon2 and Bronzong can take physical hits.
https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/13069/what-is-the-difference-between-a-tank-and-a-wall#:~:text=A%20tank%20is%20a%20Pokemon%20who%20is%20inclined,use%20their%20HP%20and%20Defenses%20to%20resist%20attacks.  What makes Porygon2 a Wall/Special Tank is how it specializes in Defenses and HP for a Wall, and that it uses Special Attack.  They wanted a Physical Tank, so they can't use Porygon2.  If they said Special Tank, for sure I would choose Porygon2.  Bronzong isn't a Tank at all.  While Bronzong does have the ability to run Physical, it EVs almost always go into HP and Defense/Special Defense.  As a result, Bronzong is more passive then anything which means it isn't a Tank.  It is more a Hazard setter/wall.