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Taking into consideration that Poison is damaging to nature, justifying why Poison is good against Fairy, and that metal is damaging to nature, explaining why Steel is good against Fairy, it boggles my mind why Electric isn't good against Fairy.

Fairies will become weak when exposed to electricity, which is a manmade substance.

Also, why isn't Fire good against Fairy? Fire is a nature destroyer. Come on, Game Freak!

Game Freak logic
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If you think about it though things like bushfires and lightning, which are examples of fire and electricity damaging nature are actually natural as well. Steel, however, is man-made and poison only damages the environment when toxins leak from landfill etc.
So the reason electric isn't super effective on fairy is because lightning is natural and the reason fire isn't super effective is because bushfires, while sometimes the fault of humans, can often just be due to natural weather conditions.

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Fairies will become weak when exposed to electricity, which is a manmade substance.

Not... really. Electricity is a consequence of the laws of physics. As electrons move, they produce a charge, that will release when 2 opposite charges come into close enough proximity. That's why lightning happens -- friction in the clouds produces a charge, which discharges when it connects to an opposite charge, usually through a tree, or a building, or a even a person. Humans just happen to have found electricity supremely useful, and as such have woven it into basically every aspect of our lives.

I'd also question the notion that if it's man made, it's automatically harmful to a fairy. Depending on your source, a fairy can be harmed by all metals, or just by Iron specifically. I don't know any sources where a fairy is harmed specifically by metal that a human has worked, and for that specific of a concept I'd ask you for a source. That said, it's almost exclusively going to be due to human activities that a fairy will be exposed to metals of any variety, which might be the cause of the confusion. All metals exist in nature, they are simply buried in the ground where, typically, a fairy won't have any occasion to interact with it.

And with regards to Fire type, do note that Fire is resistant to Fairy. It's not the same as Fire being super effective against Fairy, but it does pay homage to the relationship.

"Proponents find support in the tradition of cold iron as a charm against fairies" -Wikipedia
That doesn't say anything about worked metal specifically being the counter to fairies.  It could simply be that it is a metal, and in typical human fashion, we took the natural thing and twisted it into a form we find pleasing, interesting, or useful.
"Iron is a chemical element with symbol Fe (from Latin: ferrum) and atomic number 26. It is a metal"
what are you trying to say? iron is a metal
I'm saying that there's no evidence which part is harming the fairy.  Is it simply because it's metal?  Or is it Iron specifically?  Or is it because it's worked Iron and not raw Iron Ore?  All that says is that Iron hurts fairies.

If it's just metal, than all 3 are true.  If it's just Iron, then it would exclude other metals like Bronze.  But if it's just Iron, then it wouldn't matter if it was worked Iron or raw Iron Ore.  Or it could just be from the Iron having been worked, which means that there's something intrinsic about human manipulation that makes Iron harmful to fairies.

Simply saying "iron hurts fairies" is a very generic statement.  The original questioner made the claim that it was the act of working the iron that made it harmful, but there's no support of that being the specific thing that makes metals or iron (which varies by source) harmful to fairies, at least not that I'm aware of.
It would exclude metals like Bronze but it's still metal? Like there is no 'worked iron type' or 'iron type' specifically and there never will be. i still don't understand your arguments
We're not talking about Fairy type and Steel type.  We're talking about the folklore those things are based on.

I have to assume there's a language barrier at this point, because I've been very straight-forward.  I don't know how to break it down any further.
I think i got it now, even if iron hurts fairies because it's worked, there still is a connection between metal and fairy