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Mega Lopunny...
Garchomp... (offensive stealth rock)

Tapu Lele used Moonblast!*

How do I stop a Scarfed Lele ripping through my core?

Try using specially defensive steel types like Heatran.
Heatren will take 1/4 damage from Lele
Yes but I'm planning on using Tapu Koko as well. With heatran I have a HUGE ground weakness.

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In general, any bulky steel type in OU will work, Pokemon that come to mind for me include Celesteela, Heatran, Jirachi, bulky Magnezone, and Ferrothorn. Specially defensive Pokemon can work too like Chansey, but you'll have to watch out for if it's running Psyshock.

If you really, really hate Tapu Lele, it can't really touch Alolan Muk while it Pursuit traps it in return. Of course, it's not the best against the other fairies that resist Pursuit and can switch out, or against something like Tapu Koko that just blows it away with its strong STABs, and this also gives your team a considerable weakness to ground since you're running your own Tapu Koko, so take of it what you will.

I'd recommend Celesteela, Ferrothorn, or Heatran as a good check, and possibly Alolan Muk or another good Pursuit trapper. Muk's the only one that really comes to mind personally since nothing else that gets Pursuit really does a good job of scaring out Lele except for the weird Tyranitar, or Mega Scizor set and those are outsped and threatened with a x4 from Focus Blast or Hidden Power Fire respectively. But hey, those are just my thoughts

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why not use celesteela, assault vest magearna, jirachi the best counter is celesteela and since tapu lele carry hp fire you can use one of your Pokemon and switch to these steel types and if choice it will force out lele and focus blast all of them is neutral damage I mostly recommend celesteela
- hope I helped ,

BAd. Could I use a Ferrothorn?
any bulky steel type works.