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The other answers are correct that Smeargle can't be used in SWSH, along with Sketch being a move you can't select in battle. Through pure speculation, it can be assumed that Dynamax Cannon can be sketched. Even Smogon has inferred that, as seen in this replay. While it hasn't been confirmed that Sketch can sketch Dynamax Cannon, with Sketch not even being selectable in SWSH, if it were, Dynamax Cannon would probably be sketchable.

So, no, it can't be sketched, unless you're playing a NatDex battle on Showdown!.

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Generation VIII
Sketch cannot be selected in a battle.

So no moves can be sketched.

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As Smeargle neither Sketch exist in Gen 8, it is unknown whether Dynamax Cannon is sketchable.

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Smeargle is currently unavailable in Pokemon Sword/Shield
Smeargle cannot be obtained in Pokemon Sword and Shield or the expansion pass the Isle Of Armor at the time of writing. Sketch is also not in the game.

However, Smeargle can Sketch any other move, so it's safe to assume Dynamax Cannon can be Sketched as well, if it was in SwSh.

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Sketch isn't selectable at all in gen 8 games, even if you hack it onto a Pokemon.
Yeah it's called speculation. Why would Smeargle's signature move make it in the game while Smeargle didn't?
The question never asked for speculation.
Well. everyone else was speculating too
NebbyY isn't speculating.