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So I was watching my sister playing her cartridge of Fire Red, yes, not an illegal ROM. She wanted to grind for the fuschia City gym, and she went to place near fuschia city where there are lots of trainers in a maze-like fences and at the top-right corner there is a tree. No, my sister wasn't using glitches. She was playing normally. So, continue, she cut it and decided to train there. She encountered Venonat, and other stuff, forgot, but mostly are Venonat. Then suddenly, right when she was training Jolteon and walking in the grass, she encountered a lv.25 Ditto with Limber! No, it wasn't a fake cartridge, it was straight from Japan, he gave it before the pandemic to my sister. she's been playing some other games too, such as Pokemon Ruby, anyways, I'll continue. HOW ON THE 100-BP-JUDGEMENT OF ARCEUS DID SHE ENCOUNTER DITTO!!! No, don't answer Gamefreak glitches. It wasn't a glitch. It worked perfectly fine after that and nothing was wrong with the either. WHAT IS HAPPENING!

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The point was, a Lv.25 ditto with Limber COULD be encounter in route 13 in fire red.
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My sister is one lucky girl. She encountered Jigglypuff near Viridian, Clefairy at Mt.Moon, Chansey at the Safari Zone, and now Ditto.
Oh, and Growlithe near Celadon.
Wow lucky
Wow, I've encountered ditto there too but didn't think much of it.