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On Showdown, it says that Mirror Coat is a usually useless move for Wobbufett, but Counter is not in that section. Why is that? Are physical attacks more common against Wobbufett?


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This is likely because Dark, Ghost, and Bug type special attackers are less common.
The only special dark type move that is viable and not exclusive in singles is Dark Pulse. Physically, you can use Sucker Punch, Night Slash, Knock Off, Crunch, etc...
As for ghost types, shadow ball is the only viable special attacking option, although Hex could be considered as well. However ghost has got Poltergeist, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, and even Phantom Force. Bug types have Quiver Dance and Bug Buzz however U-Turn is the most common bug-type move. Bug types aren't really good in general.

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Since Mirror Coat is a Psychic-type move, it will not affect Dark-types, which means Dark-type Pokemon can pound Wobbuffet with special attacks without fear of getting Mirror Coated back.

Yes, this is from the DP era, but it still holds true.


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but Counter doesn't affect Ghost types, so Mirror Coat being psychic shouldn't make counter much more viable.
Maybe Ghost type physical attackers aren't as common?