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With the other one being much better with shift gear, what would it even be used for? It has venom drench, which is an ok move, but a 4× weakness isn't good for something with so bad bulk. I mean, what good is it really?


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Low Key is harder hitting special, but more limited, I think.

Low-Key has the move that lowers attack, special attack, and speed which can be used for support.

With that said, however:

Venom Drench is very niche and Magnetic Flux is pretty useless because of it's speed, low defenses, and it mainly works for team battles.

So Low Key is a bit better for support, but Amped is better overall.


Hope I helped!

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So basically low keys only advantage is venom drench and magnetic flux, both of which don't help because it's slow. How sad lol
Yeah, Amped is generally the better form.