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So, I play Pokémon Shield a lot, and my favorite Pokémon is Marill. So naturally I want to use Azumarill. But is it really worth using? I am NOT playing competitively, I am just playing the game for fun. So, the summary, is Azumarill worth using casually, and if it is, what is a good moveset for it?

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Any Pokemon can be used well in-game. I'll review Azumarill's pros and cons:

- Large HP stat
- Respectable defenses
- Godly Ability in Huge Power
- Learns moves like Play Rough, Liquidation, Brick Break, and Ice Punch
- The set I provide gives super effective coverage against Milo, Kabu, Melony, Piers, Raihan, Eternatus, Shielbert, and several Pokemon in the Champion Cup

- Very slow
- Azumarill without Huge Power is quite bad
- Evolving Azurill is a pain
- Weak to Milo, Eternatus and a few Pokemon in the Champion Cup

I would say it's worth it. Here's a set:

Azumarill @ Life Orb / Mystic Water / Pixie Plate
Ability: Huge Power
- Liquidation / Aqua Tail
- Play Rough
- Ice Punch
- Brick Break

Note that with its measly Speed, it will be going last a lot of the time. This is fine in-game, but it can get annoying.

Hope I helped!

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Life orb is not recommended for in game playthroughs
Life Orb is perfectly fine in-game. The damage you sustain can easily be healed off, and it can mean the difference between a 2HKO and an OHKO. Granted, it doesn't matter as much as in competitive, but it's still very good.
Yeah, this is a great help! I was just worried about is stats at first.
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First off, you can only obtain Azumarill by evolving an Azurill found in Brawler's Cave (Which is a location included in the Isle of Armor) or by trading for an Azurill, Marill, or Azumarill.

Azumarill is a great physical attacker if it has the ability Huge Power, which doubles it's Attack stat. Sap Sipper (HA) and Thick Fat are both decent abilities, but Huge Power is way better. I'd recommend only using Azumarill if you can find one with Huge Power.

Azumarill's stats aren't great, but that doesn't matter too much for in-game playthroughs. The only stat it really excels in is HP, at 100 base.

Azumarill @ Mystic Water / Pixie Plate
Ability: Huge Power
- Aqua Tail (Learned at lv. 21)
- Play Rough (Learned at lv. 29)
- Double-Edge (Learned at lv. 45)
- Ice Punch / Dig (TM bought at Wyndon Pokecenter [Ice Punch] / TM found on Route 6 [Dig])

Azumarill gets fantastic moves by level-up, so you won't be using many TM/TRs on it.

With this moveset, Azumarill can do great against foes like Raihan (Dragon), Piers (Dark), Marnie (Dark), Kabu (Fire), Bea (Fighting), Gordie (Rock), Leon's Dragapult / Haxorus / Charizard (As well as a few others depending on which starter you pick), and Hop's Silicobra / Heatmor / Rillaboom*. Water and Fairy is a great offensive type combo for this game.

Overall, I'd say Azumarill is a great pick for your team if you can get a Huge Power one.

(*If you pick Scorbunny.)

This is great, thanks a lot!
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