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The Corviknight's attack has been reduced by two stages and it is burnt. But still its body press did 76% damage to my Incineroar. How is this possible?
I checked damage calculator as well. According to that it says the max damage it can do is upto 58%. I even took into account that its attack stat must be maxed out.
One more thing I noticed is that if the defense of Corviknight increases, its attack do more damage?
Can anyone please explain this to me?

Did the Corviknight have any Defense boosts?
Was this on Showdown?
@Jhnfui Yes it was on +3 Defense
I was playing on showdown

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The Attack Stage modifiers aren't relevant here because Body Press only uses Defense Modifiers like Iron Defense, etc. However, its Burn does affect its damage done by Body Press.
Source: https://m.bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Body_Press_(move)
Now, onto the calculation.
+3 252+ Defense burned Corviknight Body Press vs. 0HP/0Def Incineroar= 67.9%-80% of Incineroar's HP.
This calculation shows that the damage output against your Incineroar is possible. Hope this helps!

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Because Body Press does damage equal to the user's defense, not attack stat. And the fact that Incineroar is weak to fighting ypes.

Hope you find this helpful.

Sourc: Experience

However, the Burn still takes affect.
Ahh Thank you so much, Now it makes sense
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