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I have started a new Pokemon Ultra Sun playthrough please suggest a fire type except Incineroar or sallazle

Thank you

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The best

Arcanine has excellent Speed and Attack, which are wonderful attributes in-game. A potential moveset I would recommend:

Arcanine @ Charcoal
Ability: Intimidate
- Flamethrower / Flare Blitz
- Wild Charge
- Extreme Speed
- Crunch

Talonflame is incredibly fast, and while its Attack and Special Attack aren't anything spectacular, it does learn some pretty solid moves. It can be a bit recoil-heavy, however. A potential moveset:

Talonflame @ Sharp Beak / Charcoal / anything
Ability: Gale Wings if you can get it, Flame Body if you can't
- Quick Attack
- Flare Blitz
- Brave Bird
- Steel Wing

Alolan Marowak
While slow, Marowak can be a solid team member. It can learn powerful attacks, and is good even without Rock Head.

Marowak-Alola @ anything
Ability: Rock Head / Cursed Body
- Flare Blitz
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Shadow Bone

Very good

Magmortar has an excellent Special Attack stat, and it learns a variety of good moves. It does unfortunately require trading, but if you can trade, it's a great asset.

Magmortar @ Charcoal
Ability: Flame Body
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
- Thunderbolt
- Psychic
- Focus Blast / Earthquake

Volcarona would easily be one of the best Fire types if it wasn't so difficult to find. It starts off slowly, and evolves very late, but if you're willing to put in the effort (and lug around a Larvesta for most of the game), then Volcarona is well worth it.

Volcarona @ Charcoal / Silver Powder
Ability: Flame Body
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
- Bug Buzz / Signal Beam
- Psychic
- Giga Drain / Hurricane

Houndoom is a little tough to get, but it's pretty solid. It evolves early, has good Speed and Special Defense, and has an array of solid moves it can use.

Houndoom @ Charcoal / Black Glasses
Ability: Flash Fire
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
- Dark Pulse
- Sludge Bomb
- Hyper Voice


Flareon is iffy. It doesn't have a whole lot of options. Its movepool is shallow, and it's outclassed -- both by other Fire types, and by the other Eeveelutions.

Flareon @ Charcoal
Ability: Flash Fire
- Flame Charge / Flare Blitz
- Quick Attack
- Return
- Superpower

It has amazing Defense, but it's slow, and its Special Attack isn't the greatest. It may also be a bit tough to get, but it can serve well.

Turtonator @ Charcoal / Dragon Fang
Ability: Shell Armor
- Flamethrower / Fire Blast
- Dragon Pulse
- Flash Cannon
- Hyper Voice / Focus Blast

Pyroar has an awful movepool and three bad Abilities, but it is fast and it sports a solid Special Attack, so it works.

Pyroar @ Silk Scarf / Charcoal
Ability: Unnerve
- Flamethrower
- Dark Pulse
- Hyper Voice
- Will-O-Wisp

Don't use

Oricorio doesn't get any reliable Fire STAB except Revelation Dance. It has a low BST as well, making it pretty useless. Torkoal is way too slow for in-game. It works, but if you're looking for a slow special attacker, Turtonator is better. Blacephalon is very good, but you get it post-game, making it useless in a regular playthrough.

Note I didn't include Island Scan or Ultra Wormhole Pokemon, as those take extra time to obtain and aren't necessarily good. The only non-legendary ones that would be worth it are Charizard, Blaziken, Infernape, and Chandelure.

Hope I helped!

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I am gonna use Arcanine
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I know that the question was answered already but I still have some more suggestion...


Charizard got a decent good SpA and Speed, which make it fit into the Hyper Offense team. It also gained 2 Fantastic Mega Evolution, which will give you a good--or just say Fantastic mega spot. A Chamander could be obtain early which was in Route 3.
My personal suggested moveset:

Charizard @ Whatever you want
Ability: Blaze
-Flamethrower / Fire Blast / Heat Wave
-Air Slash
-Dragon Pulse


Chandelure was another good choice for a fire type, due to it excellent 145 SpA and the bonus Ghost type typing. Chandelure also got a decent Defensive stat of 90 in each and speed of 80 wasn't bad. It also got 3 immunities in total with Flash Fire.
A Likwik could obtain in Hau'oli Cemetery.
Suggest Moveset:

Chandelure @ Charcoal / Spell Tag / Whatever you want
Suggest Ability: Flash Fire
- Flamethrower
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
- Psychic

Thats all I think was good for Ultra Sun Moon, hope this helps a lot!!!

"A Chamander could be obtain early which was in Route 3."

Actually you need to do an Island Scan on Sunday.
Litwick can also only be obtained via Island Scan.