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title says it all. Rest of the team is Ho-Oh, Luxray, and possibly electrode. I’m not sure about the rest.

It's not meganium for sure. Typhlosion is prolly better than Feraligatr

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I would go for Feraligatr. Meganium is more a supporter, which isn't necessary in a game of hyper offense. Typhlosion works, but its movepool is quite shallow. Feraligatr can also learn various HMs that the other two cannot. For these reasons, I would say Feraligatr. Here's a moveset:

Feraligatr @ Mystic Water
Ability: Torrent
-Brick Break

This allows you to hit for tremendous neutral and super effective coverage. Feraligatr is a bit slow, but I still believe it's the best option. If you must use one of the other two, don't go for Meganium. There are far better Grass types. However, as Typhlosion is almost as good as Feraligatr, here's a set for it:

Typhlosion @ Charcoal
Ability: Blaze
-Swift / Focus Blast
-Quick Attack

Typhlosion really doesn't have a good movepool, it's a bit trickier than Feraligatr to use.

Hope I helped!

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Honestly probably not, but Swift is more reliable than Focus Blast.

That's a good point, Fire Blast can be tremendously useful.
Why don't you just use flamethrower when you can't afford to let focus blast miss?
That's what I originally said. Then you said Fire Blast could be useful, and I agreed. Now you're contradicting yourself. Are you saying that Fire Blast should only be used until you get Flamethrower?
No I'm saying that swift is almost never worth using over flamethrower or focus blast.
I suppose that's fair, yes.