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I have a Tyranitar with the ivs:
30iv HP
31iv Atk
31iv Def
5iv Sp Atk
31iv Speed
And a 4iv Larvitar.
If I breed them, is it possible to get a 6iv Perf Larvitar?

What ivs are perfect for the 4 iv Larvitar?
Unperfect ivs are Sp atk and HP
At least a 5iv
Is that possible?
Are you referring to Tyranitar's ivs? Or are Tyranitar's and Larvitar's ivs  the same?

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Yes it is possible to get a 6IV poke when breeding those two (Its actually possible even if only one of the pokes has 1IV ,but very, VERY unlikely). an egg will inherit three IVs total from each parent (they can overide each other so its possible you only get 2-1 IV) and all the rest are random. This can be influenced by items such as the destiny knot or power items. destiny knot keeps 5IVs from the holder the same and power items keep a specific IV the same. I would suggest to get a 6IV from those to put a destiney knot on one and a power item that keeps a perfect IV the same until you get a 5IV poke and replace that as the destiney knot holder (power items overide the destiney knot so its better to put it on an IV the other poke doesn't have perfect). I hope this is what you needed.

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So I can get a 6iv, but its unlikely?
I would say probably not but its not super unlikely.