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On Showdown!. Maybe like the top 10.

Mod note: The question is asking for the moves flagged as 'usually useless' in the teambuilder on Pokemon Showdown. Any other answer, including this list of moves from thegamer.com that has been submitted multiple times, is not valid.

Mod note #2: This thread is not the place to discuss which moves are truly useless or whether the listings on Showdown are fair. The question is simply asking for which moves are most often marked as usually useless on Showdown. It does not require your personal interjection. Please keep this on topic, thanks.

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Usually useless moves are done per Pokemon. For example, on Spectrier, Stomping Tantrum is listed as a viable move. However, for Mew, it's listed as Usually Useless since Mew gets Earthquake but Spectrier doesn't.
It also varies on format. For OU Excadrill? Stomping Tantrum is usually useless. However, in Doubles OU where it has a niche for not hitting your ally, it's listed as a viable move.
that makes it a move "flagged as 'usually useless' " then @serif
if splash then also hold hands i believe.
Not sure if this may place in the top 10, but Headbutt has a problem. Headbutt is usually useless for all Pokémon that don't use the ability Serene Grace, meaning Headbutt is "usually useless" for 336 Pokémon. However, with the ability Serene Grace, Headbutt isn't marked as "usually useless", cutting it down to 328 Pokémon. This may or may not affect the top 10 moves  that are marked as "usually useless".

@Y for Headbutt, do you want the number of Pokemon that has Headbutt marked as a "usually useless move" with or without the ability Serene Grace?

EDIT: Same case with Aerial Ace due to the ability Technician.
Ok I think I have to explain this again because it's clearly very confusing.

The method I'm asking for is extremely time consuming, but it's most likely the only way to get an accurate answer. It's fairly simple though. You flip through every usually useless move for every Pokemon in every Gen 8 format and count how many times each move appears on the usually useless list. The moves with the highest numbers would be the answer.

 I guess you would have to flip through abilities for a few Pokemon if that's the case, just count the usually useless moves for Hustle/Super Luck on Togekiss (thats just one example) assuming that it flips categories depending on the ability.

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The following moves are the top 10 moves that are marked "usually useless" moves on Pokémon Showdown:

10: Hyper Beam: 374 Pokémon can learn this move
9: Giga Impact: 378 Pokemon can learn this move
8: Sunny Day: 396 Pokémon can learn this move
7: Rain Dance: 434 Pokémon can learn this move
6: Swagger: 577 Pokémon can learn this move
5: Attract/Captivate: 578 Pokémon can learn Attract and Captivate
4: Double Team: 580 Pokémon can learn this move
3: Round: 681 Pokémon can learn this move
2: Endure: 682 Pokémon can learn this move
1: Snore: The move most marked as "usually useless" on Pokémon Showdown. 684 Pokémon can learn this move.

Source: pm-ming myself on Showdown and using the command !ds [insert move here].

I went through the Gen 8 Formats and saw all of the moves above were still marked "usually useless".

Hope this helps.

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But have you taken into account formats? How do you know if these moves are always marked usually useless?
Pz already has done so much, it’ll be sad if he has to do that too, y.
I guess ill BA this. While Im not convinced that this is the correct answer i 1. dont want to fact check it and 2. dont care at this point.
Most of these moves make sense. While all of these moves do something, they do nothing helpful.