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On this pikalyics page, it says dragapults most used item was boots. Why? Life orb or specs or even band is better in my opinion. It's not weak to stealth rocks, and other Pokemon can also be hit by spikes and toxic spikes, but there aren't boots on them, so why on dragapult?

It has 8 resistances and uses U-turn a lot. Without heavy-duty boots, it probably takes more damage from hazards than from attacks.

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Ok, so as sumwun said, Dragapult has a great defensive typing and is a good pivot with access to a fast U-Turn. However, when it switches in and tries to pivot out it takes 12% from stealth rocks and 12% from poison every turn. To increase its longevity, it can hold Heavy-Duty Boots to be able to pivot freely without being worn down.

Hope this helps :D

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That's true. More I think about it, it does pivot a lot. Makes sense. Thanks to you and sumwun!
no prob:)