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I was quietly raging to myself on why the Mudkip lines' shiny forms were pink when I realized that a startlingly large amount of Water Types were also pink (Vaporeon, Lapras, Omastar, Wailmer, Sharpedo, jeez the list goes on.).

Is this just because Game Freak felt like giving them a pink shiny, or is there an actual reason?


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This is a really interesting theory video. It's basically saying that because Shinies might have been made by an algorithm until Gen 6, Blue Pokémon (usually water) most commonly turned into Pink or Purple, because of how the algorithm worked.

My personal theory is that a lot of blue shinies are pink nowadays because the colors compliment each other, while still looking, well, shiny.

Nobody but Gamefreak really knows though. So as always, Gamefreak logic.

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That explained a lot. Thank you!
I think they just used the opposite of the original color
No, it's not the contrast I don't believe. I mean, look at dragapult. Only it's head part seems to be changed
Yeah, but this is before when they started making Shinies themselves. All the shinies Stormy Eevee mentioned were introduced in gens 1-3
Ik this is a little old but your answer is kind of wrong. First off the algorithm was until Gen 6 and if one pokemon had the same exact color shade as another they would have the same exact shiny color shade too, unless Game freak purposely changed a shinys color like they did with Charizard in Gen 3. that's why a lot of blue Pokemon are pink when shiny
Isn't that literally exactly what I said?

*Blue Pokémon (usually water) most commonly turned into Pink or Purple, because of how the algorithm worked.*

Blue pokemon were pink because of how the algorithm worked, which is basically saying pokemon with close color schemes had similar shiny colorings too. And what's your source on the algorithm lasting until gen 6? And did you watch the video?
Gmaxwaluigus comment is a big skull + clown emoji moment
You said you had a personal theory for why the blue Pokemon turned pink but you can't theorize about it. It's just how the algorithm is, and Every pokemon uses the same algorithm. My source on the algorithm lasting until Gen 6 is this, https://www.google.com/amp/s/pokemongohub.net/post/guide/the-secret-reason-why-some-shiny-pokemon-look-bad/amp/ I have seen a lot,and I mean A LOT of shiny pokemon videos and how they were made and the origins behind the newer ones and I have never heard that the algorithm stopped in Gen 4. No I didn't watch the video but I'm about to

And ty I have no idea what you mean
Ok started watching video and literally starting at 1:04 he starts talking about how gens 1-5 shiniest were made randomly
I watched the video and I thought it was very interesting, especially the triad colors part. However, the entire time Lockstin talks about how the algorithm supposedly works, and that it's not as simple as it looks. And he says multiples times they started creating each and every shiny by hand in Gen 6