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Would it just always get the boost? And would it remove comatose ability to let it sleep?


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The Pokémon with this Ability takes double damage from Hex and Wake-Up Slap; can be affected by Dream Eater, Nightmare, and Bad Dreams; and cannot successfully use Rest. However, due to not actually having the sleep status condition, the Pokémon with this Ability is not considered to have a status condition for the purposes of effects such as Purify and Chesto Berries.


It will take double damage and not wake up.

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Huh that's weird lol wait then entrainment comatose eith ease up slap or he would be overpowered........... thanks anyway
No problem! :)
That's so weird, Showdown doesn't show that it does double damage.
Comatose is immune to all forms of ability manipulation, including Entrainment.
Oh sad