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In oras, but I think it's exclusive there lol. I'm talking when your rival shows you how to use it. (I'm asking cause I lost a poocheyna with a good ability after evolving and it had fire fang, and I'd be sad if pianogeek, who I'm doing the nuzlocke with, got it lol)


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It's always a Poochyena, if memory serves correctly. However, its elemental fang move differs with which starter you chose.

Additionally, the Poochyena that is used to show off the sneak mechanic on Route 101 will know Thunder Fang if the player starts with Treecko, Ice Fang if the player starts with Torchic, and Fire Fang if the player starts with Mudkip.

Source: Experience and this

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Welp then pgs gonna get a nice head start on all those bug types if hw chose muddy boi. Thanks to both of you
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In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, after battling with Brendan/May on Route 103 and returning to the lab, the player will receive the DexNav application at the entrance to Route 101. Near Oldale Town, Brendan/May will explain the mechanics of hidden Pokémon, then a hidden Poochyena will appear. If the player succeeds in sneaking up to the Pokémon, the encounter will be a level 5 Poochyena that has an elemental fang attack as its first move; if the player scares it away, enters another battle, or leaves the area, the Poochyena will not reappear.


It's always Poochyena, but it can have a different elemental fang... which I think is completely random lol. Wait nvm its based on your starter apparently.

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