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Everytime I battle an Urshifu on Showdown, it always seems to get a critical hit for every move that it uses on my Pokemon. I've never gotten or used an Urshifu before, so I don't know what abilities it has. I also don't know much about it's moves. This is for both forms, I think. Is it it's moves or ability or even an item? Or is it just extreme super luck?

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This was also gen 8 OU, if anyone needs to know.
What moves does it use?
Signature moves
Thanks, both of you.
Showdown is facing some bizzare errors nowadays!

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Urshifu has a signature attack that always results in a critacal hit. Single Strike's is "Wicked Blow" and Rapid Strike's is "Surging Strikes".

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I figured it had something to do with that, but I wasn't sure.
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Its signature move, Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes
Both forms of Urshifu have a signature move, Wicked Blow and Surging Strikes. They are guaranteed to be a critical hit.
Sources: https://pokemondb.net/move/wicked-blow and https://pokemondb.net/move/surging-strikes

Hope I helped!

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Sorry, Dragapult. Blaziken was faster. But I never thought of choice specs, so it might be that too.
Maybe a combination of both.
Not choice spec, Scope Lens. Although it can't be a combination of both
Oh... I really don't know what is what and which is which.
It's fine, it's common to get mixed up.