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I'm thinking about getting myself a switch lite because the crown tundra is upon us and obviously I'm gonna need a switch for that one. So, I got a few questions concerning the dlcs

  • Does swsh have game cartridges like usum? It should have. I would be surprised if it didn't
  • If I do use a cartridge, then would the dlc be linked to that cartridge?
  • Speaking of dlc, are those downloaded online or are there cartridges for them?
  • If they can only be downloaded, what is the file size of them? Only the IoA since CT isn't released yet
  • More importantly, do I even need the dlc to be able to use the expansion released Pokemon?

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1) SwSh do have game cartridges, but unlike previous generations, save data is stored on the Switch itself, not the cartridge (this also means you can have multiple saves by making new users on your Switch).

2) DLC is linked to the Switch, not the SwSh cartridge (additionally, every user on your Switch gets access to the DLC if you buy it once).

3) DLC does not have a cartridge, and must be downloaded online.

4) The DLC, thus far, is about 1.1 GB (source).

5) You do not need to buy the DLC to have the new Pokémon added to your game; you can still transfer them from Home, trade for them, or join raids hosted by someone with the DLC.

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You mean, if I play with a cartridge on switch 1, then I won't be able to play on my save on another switch?
Yes, that is correct.
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  • Yes, SWSH can come in cartridge form, and you can also download a digital copy.

  • That's not really how it works. The Switch itself saves data from the game, so I believe you can use any cartridge you'd like and still play the game normally (since it's based around profiles).

  • You have to buy them digitally.

  • This may help (apparently about 1.1 GB):

Cutting right to the chase, Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor’s download size comes in at about 1.1 GB. We’ve calculated by looking at the ‘Update Data’ size for Pokemon Sword on our Switch both before and after the Isle of Armor update. 1.1 GB was the difference. (source)

  • You need the DLC to catch them, if you trade for them:

Even if you don't have the expansion, you can still be traded expansion-exclusive Pokemon. You will also be able to transfer old Pokemon introduced to the Galar region in these expansions with Pokemon HOME even if you don't have the expansions.

Friends with the expansion can also invite Trainers to expansion-exclusive Max Raid Battles, even if they don't have the expansion themselves. (source)

Hope this helps! :)

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