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Why is this tagged "competitive"? You said against Leon's team.
It also depends which starter you pick

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Either works well, but I'd go for Tyranitar. With the moveset in this answer, it can take down 2/3 of Leon's team super effectively.

Tyranitar @ anything
Ability: Sand Stream
- Earthquake
- Stone Edge
- Crunch
- Fire Punch / Thunder Punch / Ice Punch

It also has solid defenses and an excellent Attack stat, even if it is hindered a bit by its slowness. Leon is somewhat easy, so you shouldn't have much trouble beating him, no matter which one you choose.

Hope I helped!

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Tyranitar is better with coverage over 3 of leon's Pokemon, those being Aegislash, Charizard, and Dragapult. Goodra only has coverage over Dragapult and Haxorous.

Long story short, use Tyranitar he is better in this situation.

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How is Goodra weak to Aegislash? Did you mean Haxourus, or am I not aware of a coverage move Aegislash has?
Dragon stab isn't very effective, so it struggles. Wouldn't call it "weak" to that tho
I fixed it.
Um... You can teach Goodra Earthquake or a fire type move such as Flamethrower, both of which are super-effective against Aegislash.
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Overall, Tyranitar has the edge over Leon in my opinion. It has STABs that deal with Leon's Charizard, Aeigislash, Dragapult and possibly Cinderace with Crunch and Stone Edge. Also, its high Attack Stat and bulk to successfully deal with Haxorus as well which Goodra lacks the bulk to survive. Due to this, I believe Tyranitar is the better option, especially for Charizard. Also, coverage options such as the Punches, Breaking Swipe and Brick Break help to cover Inteleon or Rillaboom respectively.