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It has 200 hp, but only 50 in defenses. It also has 100 in both attacking stats, and so it fits awkwardly in both roles, but it also basically gets a dragon type water spout. So is it better defensively or offensively?

did you forget about moxie?
What format/rules are you asking about?
It's only in ou and ubers, but ou
It's also in BSS, DOU, Monotype, and National Pokedex.
Oh oops yea those, but still ou

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It gets Dragon Dance to make its Attack and Speed better, boosting its offensive capabilities. It can also set up dual screens for support and better defensive capabilities. It can function as a mixed attacker or lean to either physical or special, making it fairly versatile. I think it's a little soon to say for sure, but I believe Regidrago is better as an attacker.

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Interesting. Its game freaks way of saying hahaha you can't use this 200 hp pokemon defensively. Thanks anyway lol
Someone could probably find a way to use it defensively. You're welcome!