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Everyone says that Blunder Policy is not worth using and Max Airstream boosts speed, but my question is what is the base move of Max Airstream, but no Flying type moves were not listed as "Usually Useless"

Which format is this?
It says VGC in the tags.
VGC 2020
You don't use Ariel Ace when its not Max Airstream unless:

1. The match is very close and you have to hit your opponent and Hustle makes your other moves too unreliable.

2. I can't think of another good reason.

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In base form, Aerial Ace provides you with coverage against Grass types which resist Bolt Beak. It also never misses, which is good because of Hustle lowering accuracy. However, this is really unconvential because the only Grass type you'll be seeing in VGC 2020 is Amoonguss, and Rillaboom

Dynamax Max Airstream is more useful, since it also doesn't miss, boosts Dracozolt's speed to power-up Bolt Beak, is team support because of the fact that it also raises the ally's speed, and is much stronger and still covers grass types.

Conclusion: Aerial Ace can be considered, however if not running Dynamax you shouldn't really use it, since there are better coverage options like Low Kick, Earthquake, Outrage/Dragon Claw, etc...

Hope this helps :)

Rillaboom isn't popular in VGC?
whoops. I edited it
Aerial ace completely skips the accuracy check, so it never misses even when the user has has hustle.