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I'm having a hard time choosing even though Zamazenta has better stats. Marshadow seems to have a wider movepool and a better ability tho.

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In order for us to be able to give adequate advice, we need to have the context of what the rest of your team looks like. (And as a result that might need to go to the Battle Subway section, but I'm not too sure on that.)
You could put this in rmt
Why not both?

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It all depends on the team. I'm not comparing them with Pros/con format, though. Zamazenta has far better stats, but its has good defenses only. Zacian-Crowned is much better than Zamazenta, since it is faster and a better sweeper getting same moves as Zamazenta, most notably Wild Charge, Swords Dance and Close Combat.
Marshadow is great, especially for stealing away stat boosts from your enemy. It all depends on the team; if you want it for stealing away boost from faster Pokemon like Zacian-Crowned, better run a Focus Sash and a good Rapid Spin/ Defogger on your team. So we may conclude that Marshadow is better than Zamazenta; most notably for its signature move, Spectral Thief.

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I already have zacian on my team, does that mean I should go for marshadow?
Yeah of course.