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I mean, there's so many intimidaters, and it gives a free speed boost, so is it viable? (also, I don't expect it to be like amazing, but I'm asking if it'd be a complete waste, or just a decent thing but not amazing.) Can you also have a moveset for one if it is?

Defiant + Adrenaline Orb?
I don’t play VGC so I do t know if it’s viable
Most of the time your opponent won't lead intimidate if you have Defiant/Competitive, so running those Pokemon with Adrenaline Orb is a little hard to pull off. It's a situational item at best, intimidate is really common but there are lots of more consistent methods of speed control that can benefit the rest of the team as well.

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Whether is viable or not, let's see how common are Intimidaters. In the higher ladder of 1760, Incineroar has the third highest usage, almost 30%. Mid ladder, i.e. 1500, Arcanine has the second highest usage of 21%. So I guess it can be of some..... use. It should be used on Pokemon with average speeds. I think there are better items than it, so it honestly depends on what kind of team you run. Of course Defiant helps, but you can't plan your whole team for countering Intimidate, lol.
Hope this helps! Respond if you found it viable, then I may suggest a moveset.

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Well with your answer and gallade comment, it doesn't seen very helpful. No need for a moveset. Thanks to both of you!
Welcome! I just opened Usage stats since I don't play VGC!