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I have a hawlucha with unburden and use entrainment on regigigas with weakness policy but when his weakness policy is activated it’s not activating unburden for the speed boost

Are you sure? If you’re playing on Showdown, do you have a replay? It doesn’t give a message for your speed raising, if that’s what you were looking for.
Did it show you the raised speed when you hovered over your Regigigas' sprite? If Unburden did activate, Regigigas' speed stat should be green, showing that it was raised

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You may have not noticed (or there was a bug), but Weakness Policy does activate Unburden. You can see in this replay, (https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen8nationaldexag-1213271471) Deoxys outspeeds Hawlucha, then Weakness Policy activates, then Hawlucha outspeeds Deoxys, meaning that the speed was boosted.

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Unburden activates when a weakness policy activates, since a weakness policy is a consumable item

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Weakness Policy *is* a consumable item.
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