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I ask this because during my previous run-through of Ruby, I ran into a Wurmpule on Routes 101 102 and 104, already caught one and had it die on me while trying to raise its level.

So, does the first encounter rule still apply if you've already caught one of the same kind of Pokemon? I am getting an image of at least 3-4 of the same Pokemon being in my team for a run I'm wanting to do for Emerald?

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It depends on how you play the game. There's a commonly enforced rule called the Dupes Clause that allows you to catch another Pokemon if you've already caught the same species in a previous area. It's used to have more variety between team members. It, like many other Nuzlocke rules, is entirely optional, and you can play with or without it.

Source: I play Nuzlockes quite a bit, using the Dupes Clause every single time.

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that is the PERFECT answer I was hoping for! Thank you! I remember running into poochiana's and Zigzagoons as well when wandering around the early routes and had this horrible image of my treecko being the only bit of variety in an early team.

You helped clear my mind on this a lot!
No problem!