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It was some comic with a Nuzleaf as one of the main characters, hence the name "Nuzlocke".
I mean, the first nuzlocke challenge ever made.
Can someone add this to the unanswered list?
Why do you think the present answer is not enough?
Look at the 2nd comment, this answer doesn't answer my question.
The one in the answer is the first documented. There's no way to know if someone did something similar because there's no documentation or any documentation of it has been lost to time. If you think that you're going to get a better answer, you are mistaken because there isn't one.
The website isn't exactly easy to navigate. Maybe it would be better if the answer links to the specific page in the website that documents the earliest Nuzlocke.

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This is the origin website of the nuzlocke. This has been cited by many poketubers and bulbapedia as the origin of the nuzlocke. Here it is, in all of its glory.

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