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  1. Only one Pokemon can be caught per area, and you can only catch the first Pokemon you encounter in that area.
  2. If you KO the Pokemon accidentally or it flees, you cannot catch any more Pokemon in that area.
  3. You cannot catch a duplicate of any Pokemon.
  4. If a Pokemon faints in battle it is classified as DEAD and must be released back into the wild.
  5. You can’t use healing items in battle.
  6. You can’t use the EXP Share.
  7. The battle mode is turned to SET and not SWITCH – this prevents you from switching Pokemon in-between your opponent choosing their Pokemon.


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Please link back to sources.
i said an ultra hardcore nuzlocke not an regular hardcore nuzlocke
To be honest, asking for Nuzlocke rules is silly. There is no official list of rules; it's a fan-made challenge and you decide what's allowed. If these rules aren't "ultra hardcore" enough for you, then you can pick some extras from this list: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/265040#a391171
TY I got it out with the rules
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Those are my rules for a Ultra Hardcore Nuzlocke:

>Species clause: If it's the same Pokemon you find in the area and you caught it earlier this doesn't count as a new encounter, catching the same Pokemon found can break the rules.

>Typing Clause: If the Pokemon found in that area is a Pokemon that overlaps the typing of some of your teammembers, it cannot be caught otherwise it can break the rules.

>No Overleveling past Gym Leader/E4's ace: If some of your team members is above a Gym Leader/E4's ace (e.g.: Misty's Starmie) needs to be boxed until getting the badge.

>No items or held items in battle: You already know the drill.

>Rest of the rules comes from the normal nuzlocke rules from this Bulbapedia article.