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So I have good knowledge about johto. After I played it 5 times in every game and decided to do a hardcore nuzlocke. after morty is jasmine. I can't fight chuck without beating jasmine but his level cap is more than jasmines, and jasmines is more than pryce. if I level cap train to 34 pryce's level cap, I would not be able to use them in chuck's battle. please help me.

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Can you please put your team down
So all the gyms after morty have the same levels?

@sumwun I'm assuming that he meants no items allowed. This only applies to stuff like potions or x items or whatever. Berries are perfectly fine. There is also a level cap which is your pokemon level cannot exceed the highest level mon of the next gym. Also it should be on set mode
@First Sinner, no they are not at all the same levels, ik that from experience. Pryce's ace is Level 34, and Chuck's is I believe level 31, Im not sure about that one tho.

I think it would probably make more sense to fight Jasmine first, as there are no trainers in her gym, (although you do have to fight some in the Lighthouse.) Jasmine's fight is pretty easy, as two of her Pokemon are Magnemite, but Pryce is definitely a hard one to do first.

My order would probably be Jasmine, Chuck, Pryce.
What happens if you try to enter Chuck's gym and battle him when you have defeated neither Jasmine nor Pryce?
Absolutely nothing, you can challenge him like normal

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It's definitely possible to defeat Chuck, then Pryce, then Jasmine in Crystal.
You're in a hardcore nuzlocke. I recommend going in that exact order so that you can battle Chuck with some level 30 Pokemon, raise them to level 31 for Pryce, and raise them to level 35 for Jasmine.

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