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I went through the lost tower and the old lady on the right gave me Cleanse tag but when I talk to the one on the left I didn’t receive anything and nothing I’ve done has worked. Ughh

Is it in the TM/HMs pocket in your bag? Sometimes they can be hard to spot. If not, try rebooting your game.
Can you explain "everything" a little more? Talking to both ladies, restarting the game, checking your bag?

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There are four possibilities as to why you don't seem to have the HM.

1. It's in your bag but you can't spot it.

2. You don't have the Mine badge from Canalave City and can't use the HM outside of battle yet.

3. You're playing Platinum, not Diamond - the HM can be received by Riley at Iron Island.

4. You have a bootleg cartridge.

Best of luck, hope this answers your question.

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Except the bag one, this is everything I listed on his/her wall. However, the bag one was said here so it doesn't count.
Oh wait. I didn't say anything about Canalave.
My bad, haven't looked at their profile.
It's okay :) I'm not sure it has anything to do with Canalave though. Not receiving something and not being able to use it are two different things. I wasn't sure so I didn't answer.
I understand :) I've been searching around for possibilities as to why this is happening in their game, and I haven't found anything else like this issue. I'm assuming they might actually be playing Platinum or have a bugged out cart.
I was thinking that too. The thing is, I played through Diamond twice and gotten Strength both times. All I did was beat the trainers, grab the items, and leave. I never had the problem before...
Pretty much all I play is gen 4 and I've never run into this problem either haha, kinda curious to see what's actually going on. Hopefully we'll find out soon.