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If you have a good competitive moveset for Drilbur, post an answer below and upvote the best ones.

Be sure to include full set details in your post, e.g. items, abilities, natures and EVs. Some detail, including the intended game mode for your set, is also appreciated. Access the full list of guidelines here.

Drilbur Pokédex and learnset for reference.

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Drilbur @ Focus Sash
Ability: Mold Breaker
Level: 5
EVs: 236 Atk / 36 Def / 236 SpD
Adamant Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Brick Break

Intended as a lead. Focus Sash ensures you get off a Stealth Rock. Rapid Spin and Brick Break clear away hazards and screens the opponent may set up. Earthquake is a strong, reliable STAB move.