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I need to transfer some Pokémon to Pokémon X from Pokémon Black to finish the national Pokédex and pet them. Is this possible or will this break both or one game? By the way, the games are both on the same platform.

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You can trade Pokemon from Gen V games to Gen VI games, but not vice-versa. In order to do so, you need to enter the Hall of Fame in your Gen V game, and go to the PokeTransfer Lab on Route 15. In your Gen VI game, you need the Pokedex. You also must download Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter. Choose which Pokemon you want to transfer to the Gen VI game, and place them in Box 1. Move any Pokemon you don't want to transfer out of Box 1. After this, use Poke Transporter, and follow the steps from there.

If you want to trade Pokemon from a Gen VI game to a Gen V game, you can't sorry. It's a one way process.


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I don’t think Pokémon Bank and/or Pokémon Transporter exist anymore, but this was very helpful, thanks!
They exist
No problem! And as Stonjourner said, they do still exist. You download Bank on the eShop, and then get Transporter after getting Bank. With the 3DS discontinued, however, it may not be supported for much longer.
I disagree that they will be discontinued. That would mean that all of your Pokemon from before Gen 8 would be locked to the 3ds. Game Freak has shown in the past they are adamant about having every Pokemon from any of your games have the ability to be transferred all the way up. As long as Nintendo let's the 3ds connect to the Internet then we'll have Bank and Transporter. At least that's what I hope
You couldn't trade Pokemon from Gen II to Gen III. You also can't trade over quite a few Pokemon into Sword and Shield, showing that they're not averse to that.
I don’t know, I didn’t see them on the E-shop. Are you sure they still exist or is it just me?
Ik you can't transfer from gen 2 to gen 3 and you can transfer any Pokemon into Sword and Shield and eventually there will be a game that will allow the final Pokemon to Switch. I'm betting my money on it being Unown but that's just me