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So say I lost my Nintendo Switch, and I had a bunch of Pokemon sitting in Pokemon Home. Would I be able to redownload the Pokemon onto another Switch? The Pokemon in Pokemon Home dont count as save data, only the intro with Future Oak and the Poke ball do.


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You would be able to if you backed up your save data with Nintendo switch online. To do so, you would go to Pokemon home on the main menu, press + to get to options, go to save data cloud, go to your account, and back up data. If not you would lose them since save data is stored on the switch itself not the cartidge or game.

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I don't think the game considers the Pokemon as "save data" because if you delete your home save data and then redownload it your Pokemon will still be there.
I think that they are linked to your nintendo account then.
Ok. Thank you for answering all three of my questions!