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So I'm gonna get a stunfisk for my team, and I noticed it had the moves Bind and Snap Trap, which both basically do the same thing, but I'm wondering. If I used Bind and it hurts the opponent for a few turns, if I use snap trap will it also trap the opponent or will it fail? Thank you.


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Yes, you can!
I did a battle right now but forgot to upload replay, but I binded and then Snap Trapped and it worked. Snap Trap didn't fail, but it only shows a red "Bind" icon on the opposing Pokemon. They will stack and do more damage. Two binding moves, however, is not very viable. It will do more damage if you have it hold the Binding Band, though. You only need one binding move, you don't need two. It will stack and do more damage, though.

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You can use bind twice. You can also use both attacks and they will stack damage (i.e. won't fail). So if you use bind it will do 1/8 damage a turn for 4-5 turns, if you use Snap Trap it will also do 1/8 damage for 4-5 turns. They will "stack" and together do 1/4 damage each turn. If the user holds a Grip Claw, the after-effects last for 7 turns, and if a Binding Band is held, the damage is 1/6 of the target's maximum HP.

Source: Experience and Pokebase
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