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I’m surprised this wasn’t already asked. Which ability is better for Garchomp? Sand Veil to boost evasiveness during sandstorm, or Rough Skin to deal damage when an opposing Pokémon makes contact? (I should mention that this Garchomp doesn’t have sandstorm in its moveset and neither do any of the other Pokémon in my party)

What format?
sand veil is gimmicky and considering you don't have a sand setter, rough skin is arguably better
If there's no sand setter or sandstorm then 100% rough skin
Rough Skin is arguably better.
I would recommend Rough Skin.
If you have Sandaconda (only in Crown Tundra of course) I will also recommend Sand Veil. (Because Sandaconda has the ability Sand Spit that creates a sandstorm when hit by an attack.)

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Sand Veil isn't very good. Smogon's Evasion Clause bans it entirely in some formats. Even if you're playing a format where it isn't banned, it's still bad, as your team has no sand setters whatsoever. Sandstorm is also generally a waste of a slot, so you would have to get a Pokemon that automatically sets it up.

Rough Skin is generally better. Those little bits of extra damage can make all the difference, plus it can make physical attackers think twice about hitting Garchomp.

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