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I was looking at the pokedex of Pokemon platinum and saw that the poliwag line wasn't there so I checked bulbapedia and it was there. What's happening here, is he in the game or not?

Its there in the games here are its locations:
Poliwag is found 227 and Poliwhirl is found on Route 225, while surfing or fishing. You need a Water Stone to get a Poliwrath.
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You can get a Poliwag / Poliwhirl only after defeating E4, not before.

Similarly, Fearow, Raticate, Banette, Makuhita (in swarms), Camerupt, Skarmory, Ductrio, Cacturne, etc can be caught only after completing your Regional Dex.

After Completing your Regional Dex, you would go to the Battle Zone via Snowpoint City. You would head north and proceed till you get to Survival area. On the way to Stark Mountain, at routes 227 and 228, Fish or Surf to get a Poliwag / Poliwhirl.

As they can be encountered only after E4, they are not in the Regional Dex of Platinum. So if you are planning for Gyms and E4, you should choose any other water type. Such as Floatzel and Gastrodon.

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You don't need to catch all Pokémons, you just need to see them also Manaphy makes part of the Platinum Pokémon which you can read it's story on the Pokémon Mansion in Route 212.
Yeah I didn't tell to catch all of them.

Wait! Why did I write the word "caught" there? I edited it thanks!

 Also, the asker asked me about Poliwag and Poliwhirl. So I didn't stress much about storyline.