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how can i migrate pokemon from saphire version to diamond version?
i am playing this game in my pc
when igo 2 the pal park they tell me to migrate pokemon but i dont know how
please somwone tell me
it would be helpfull if someone the entire process

When you're playing on an emulator (PC) you cannot link at all, so there is no way for you to migrate, trade, battle, or do anything else interacting with other games.

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This is already asked here,


Also im not sure but i think maybe this is the second time you ask this, however, i could give you an explenation on how to migrate.

First, you need a DS Lite or the Nintendo DS, (Dsi,DsiXL and 3ds will not work)

Then insert the game you want to migrate from in the GBA Slot (GBA Stands for GameBoyAdvance)
Then start your Compatible DS and go to the meny where it says Trainer Badges Play Time, and scroll down to where is says "migrate from "For example Sapphire" and prees it, from there, the DS will give you instructions and when you have migrated pokemon, they will be at the pal park wich is South East from Sandgem down (you need to surf)

btw you need to migrate 6 pokemon at the time.

If you have any problems, leave a comment, not another question.

hex he is trying to do it on the computer
still, if someone doesn't know how to migrate on ds and finds this, it's good help
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If you are using a computer, this is impossible. This is for a DS and a Gameboy Advance game. Threre aren't any ways to make pokemon from, for example Emerald transfer to Diamond via PC. The game is ment for a DS which is why the guy says that, but on Computor, entirely IMPOSSIBLE.

Sorry, you will need a Diamond Game Card, A Nintendo DS system and a Gameboy game to migerate things to Diamond.